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Starting a fitness program involves more than a DVD and some dumbbells. The most important part is to determine whether or not you will stick to the fitness program once you begin.The problem.We see this problem all the time at the beginning of a New Year. Everyone joins a health club or gym with every intention to go three or four times a week. Go back to the same gym a month later and the place will be half empty compared to the first week of January. Why? People did not develop a workout habit.No Habit, No WorkoutMost people do not develop the habit of sticking to a fitness program. I know the problem first hand. About five years ago I started to go the gym again after a two-year layoff. The reason for the layoff I was busy with work and family or at least that’s the excuse I used. The true problem was I lost the habit of going to the gym and staying on my fitness program.

Anyway, my first time back was great. I ran about a mile on the treadmill and did some light weight lifting. However, the next day I paid for the workout in the form of pain. My legs, back and arms hurt. Hurt is putting it mild. I could not lift my arms without feeling any pain.Need to Continue with ProgramDid I go back the next day? No. However, I did go back two days later. I did the same type of workout again. The following day I was ready for pain in my arms and legs again. But you know what? No pain. I was now on my way to continue using my new fitness program.The problem most people have is the pain they feel the next day after working out. You need to realize aching muscles is part of the development. The main advice I can give is to not to overdo your initial workouts. Like anything new you need to build on the previous step.How Do We Teach Kids to Swim?We do not teach our kids how to swim by throwing them in the deep end and yell, “SWIM!” No, we teach our kids progressively.We have them swim in the shallow end first to build up their courage and swimming habits. I know initially my kids were scared to jump into the pool, but after a couple tries they were fine. Now they are doing twirls and jumping high in the air to make bigger splashes.

Your New Fitness ProgramYour new fitness program can do the same for you. Yes, initially it won’t be fun and a little scary, but the more you come back the better you will be. Today if I miss two or three days in a row without running or doing some type of physical fitness my body doesn’t feel right. I know I need to go workout.The workout can be something as basic as doing a light jog around the neighborhood for 15 or 20 minutes. I’ve found just getting the heart pumping can be a great fitness program.My message is simple just starting doing something. The easiest fitness program I have found is to do some type of workout every other day: Workout then take a day off. This type of fitness routine can become a habit. I should know it worked for me.

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People who are physically more active usually tend to boast about how their muscles are ‘ripped’ and often indulge in ‘gym talks’ with other colleagues who go to the gym. People who have home fitness equipment usually keep bragging about how their fitness machine is better than the conventional machines that the gyms have and about how they get to do different exercise routines on one single machine. Even if you switch on the television, you start seeing commercials about food products that say ‘for a healthy you’ or ‘stay fit for life’. If you swap channels, you see sportsmen talking about their fitness regime, celebs on their gym activities and weight loss and now even some common people giving out testimonials on certain fitness products. The world around you is literally flooding with ‘fitness-oriented’ messages. But why is it so that fitness is given so much importance?

Why fitness?An unending debate can be initiated with this question. Many people would say that fitness just gives you that great start every morning that you always needed; while some may say that fitness keeps you away from illnesses. In fact, there are a huge amount of reasons why fitness can benefit you. Here are some points that give you an idea about why fitness and exercising is good for you.Why is fitness good for you?1. Doing regular exercises can keep you active and your heart rate at a normal pace. This may reduce the risks of health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis and other health issues. You can also avoid heart attacks and cardiovascular problems if you are physically active.2. If you have a bad eating habit and usually take-in a lot of calories, an exercise can help you lose weight easily. If you lose weight, you can stay away from different health-related problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, heart problems and hypertension.3. If you exercise regularly, you can maintain a healthy weight and this can make you fresh and charged-up every day. You can get a better posture and feel confident if you are fit. If you are underweight, overweight or obese, you may feel problems in socializing and mixing with your peer group and this can be solved by achieving fitness.4. If you remain physically inactive for a long time, your body’s metabolic rate may slow down. The metabolic rate of your body is the rate at which your body converts calories into energy, which is then used by your body to function properly. If your metabolism gets slow, you may gain a lot of weight and stand at a risk of health problems that are associated to obesity.

What if I don’t want to go to the gym?Many people have time constraints and cannot travel everyday to the gym and then back home. Many people even find it very boring to go to the gym. If you do not like going to the gym, you can buy a piece of home fitness equipment and stay fit at your home, at your own convenience. You can try out the new-age products such as the Air Climber Fitness Stepper if you want to get good home-fitness results.